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    sweetestinthegale replied to your post “sweetestinthegale replied to your post “sweetestinthegale replied to…”

    WE MUST DO THIS. FOR REAL. I’m going to pick up a copy and then we will pick a date. Anyone else that is game should join on in too.


    Perfect! And yes anyone who wants to join us is more than welcome to! The more the merrier :)

    I am literally SO EXCITED! I’ll message you when I have it. It’s bedtime for me, lady, talk to you soon! :)

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  • emmabuttercupswan said: Gifs generally require patience sadly haha.

    Truer words were never spoken. I was just like, I could throw this together, but it’s THE CHLOOF. I can’t, in good conscience, give this less than my all.

    but boo to patience i have like zero, i wish you could buy it at the store

    captain—kitten said: I understand and appreciate your dedication and respect towards such an important subject matter.

    I knew if anyone could truly value the seriousness of the issue it would be you.

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  • Charming’s coif gifset coming to you all tomorrow…I just can’t rush this. Adequately capturing it’s magnificence requires diligence and cannot be rushed.

    Anything less than my best on this would bring dishonor on me, my family, and my cow.

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  • the-lady-swan said: DO ITTTTTTT.

    captain—kitten said: DO IT DO IT DO IT NOW

    emmabuttercupswan said: DO IT


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  • GOT Season 4 Challenge: Favorite Minor Character [ Day 1 ] Oberyn Martell