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    God bless ‘what’s his name’.


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    The Guardians of the Galaxy - Created by Wisesnail | Tumblr

    Prints available for sale at Society6.

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  • "This industry breeds self-involvement. But I’ve a brother who will find me and fart on me if I start pulling that crap."
    Chris Pratt, Irish Idependent Insider (2014)
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  • Inspired by just about every other version of this quote.

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  • I see your true colors,
    And that’s why I love you…

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  • so cut through the heart cold and clear


    an: I couldn’t not. These are my three favorites, and no amount of fic will ever give me my fill of them. Title is from “Frozen Heart” (from Frozen because why would I use anything else)

    so cut through the heart cold and clear

    David has become a father twice-over in the span of a few years (or thirty, depending on who you ask, it’s really difficult to say for sure which rules of time he’s going by) and to make matters all the more difficult, his daughter is a scant two years younger than him, a full grown woman who’s been making decisions her whole life without needing the help of his sage, fatherly advice.

    Though she’s recently come to him for his ever-so-wise council (who is he kidding, he can barely change a diaper - she’s been a mother longer than he has a father) he still feels hesitant dispensing it at will, and now is hardly the time.

    Shooting a quick glance into the backseat, David has to hold back a groan and yet another reprimand - running off without backup, stumbling upon danger like she’s drawn to it, worrying the hell out of all the people in her life who love her so dearly, he just wants to keep her safe.

    Perhaps she’ll listen better to the other source of David’s current frustration, the one she’s curled into, leeching warmth from him while she shivers beneath a pile of blankets and a black leather coat that was apparently heavy enough to make her grunt when it was dropped about her shoulders.

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